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Wusandi Dahongpao 2020


My first visit to Caroline Wu’s family in Wuyi shan was in 2016. I was surprised by their tea production from Wusandi Mountain 吴三地. The following year, they invited us to (the eight-member crew of the tea expedition)  to examine their tea plantations and also a hundred-year-old tea trees from the cultivar Water Fairy or Laocong Shuixian 老枞水仙. Their plantations are completely overgrown with yellow meadow flowers and their approach is environmentally friendly. When we speak about Wuyishan we need to mention Dahongpao – The big red Robe – Dahongpao 大红袍. It is usually mixed from several cultivars and baked on a higher degree, so that then you have reddish color of the liquer.  Each producer has it’s own receipe, and here I can feel the intensive taste of Cinnamon 肉桂 and also the delicate taste of Water Fairy 水仙, maybe a hint  of the cultivar is Yellow Rose 黄玫瑑 . This tea is pressed into the shape of chocolate, where each tablet contains +/- 12g. Such a tablet needs a relatively long time to open, and it happened to me that it was not completely opened even after one liter of water. Therefore, I will divide such a tablet longitudinally with a tea needle into several parts. In this way, a relatively intense infusion can be achieved already in the first infusion, but I would recommend infusing it for 1-2 minutes as well.

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