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Huangshan maofeng Jipin (The highest grade)



Harvest: before the Qingming Festival (end of March)

One of the best green teas is produced in the Yellow Mountains. But don’t expect any strong tones. Fresh Chuang-shan mao-feng smells like fresh peas or a freshly cut meadow. Aromas of roasted hazelnuts can also be found in the taste, but a meadow full of blooming flowers can be found in the aftertaste of these higher classes. And that’s not all! This tea is a feast for the eyes if you pour it in a glass. Needles float vertically to the surface and gradually fall to the bottom. In China, this method of watering is often used, especially for high-quality green teas such as this mao-feng. It is one of my favorite and harder to find teas. Bon appetite!

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