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This is an extraordinary tea from the Bulang mountain Paliang village (see the map below), which was picked from around 300 hundred years old tea trees. Tea leaves were traditionally processed by Bulang people by frying them on the pan for half an hour and sun-drying them during the next day. What we get is a loose leaf tea called maocha. I always prefer to wait one year when maocha is already stabilized in taste and then press it into sheng pu’er cakes.

Here you have a 100g cake with a very intensive liqueur in taste and a strikingly powerful wake-up kick. Its floral aroma is locked in its bitterness while the tongue feel has a cooling effect with a long-lasting body. After a while, the aftertaste knocks on your throat with every saliva.
I recommend making quick steepings, while it can get quite bitter within a minute. But on the other hand, it can last for more than ten steepings. Enjoy.


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Bulang mountains are situated in the south of Yunnan province of China, in the  the Menghai county with the Dai minority autonomous region and the Bulang minority autonomous district.

Bulang mountains are famous for their tea growing areas. Maybe you heard about Laobanzhang, Laoman ‘e, Manxinlong, Xinbanzhang, Banpen, Guangbie laozhai, or Paliang. All these places are producing sheng puer tea of very strong intensity. Paliang village is not as popular as other places, but the tea produced here is extraordinary.

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