Wild Taliensis RAW Pu’er cake

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The leaves from this tea cake come from above 1000 years old tea trees from the wild tea tree species known as Taliensis from the Jingxiu village in Fengqing county. It is home to the 3200 years old tea tree called Xiangzhuqing 香竹箐, also called as chazu 茶祖 the “the tea ancestor. This tea was produced in 2015 in the  factory below the tea ancestor, but was demolished due to the environmental protection of the tree.  It is an extraordinary tea produced with traditional method on the pan. Smoky tones in the first sip are diminished with later brewing and filled with flowery scents.



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10g, 25g, 50g

1 review for Wild Taliensis RAW Pu’er cake

  1. Jan Garčár

    Really interesting “tea”. First time I didn’t like it (you know, taliensis tastes slightly different from sinensis), but next time when I used a teapot instead of gaiwan I really enjoyed it. It has prominent rose aroma which later changes into the tropical fruits. First you can get it when you slowly exhale after you swallow the tea. Afterwards it becames more prominent in the taste and it creates tasty combination with dark honey (forest honey) aroma. With the later infusions I got sweet honey aftertaste with light hint of spices and dark cherries aroma, like you can get in some dark rums. Also you can get little bit of woody notes that evoke sandalwood, and in combination with fruit and honey aroma you start to think about marzipan and old honeycombs. Surprisingly complex tea.
    Well, a great experience.

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