Fengqing Yesheng gushu hong – ancient trees Taliensis


Fengqing city is known as the capitol for Dianhong – the Yunnan red tea. You can find all kinds of great red teas from golden needles to black needles with grate aroma and taste. Whats more, nearby mountains are covered by several hundred years old tea trees. Among them are also countless trees of species Camellia Taliensis, which is different to Camellia sinensis in its morfology of its leaves. Their leaves are are also different to C.s. in oxidative and sensory properties of their leaves. Leaves of C.taliensis oxidize very quickly, which is why black tea is often made from it. Locals often calls these trees Yesheng – wild, or Qiannian  – thousand years trees. But mostly they call them simply “gu chashu” 古茶树. However each tree can vary in its tasting properties as well as in the aroma. Especially this type of Yesheng tea I have drink only several times in China and untill now I was not fully sattisfied with the character of Yesheng tea I have received from farmers. this type of Yesheng tea and For this one I was searching a long time and finally I can say I am satisfied. It has scent after passion fruit or apricot. In the taste there is no much bitterness but a full body with a sweet tail. The aftertaste is long lasting with notes of elder-flower and tropical fruits. It is something I can drink every day.

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These pictures are from our tea expedition in 2016 in Baoshan region in Yunnan province.


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