2022 Jinggu Yue guangbai – White moonlight


“Moonlight” is a white tea made from the leaves of the tree variety Da baihao (Big White Hair), which identifies it at first glance. That is, both the buds and the undersides of these leaves are covered with a lot of fine hairs, which during natural drying without heat treatment and rolling, and thus during cold drying, the so-called lianggan are dried to white in ventilated rooms. Thorough drying can take several days, and each ticket thus acquires a different degree of natural oxidation. The front sides of some leaves darken to a dark brown color. This type of tea is mistakenly called white puer, but it is not puer, because it goes through the so-called heat treatment. shaqing – enzyme inhibition.
Unlike puer tea, this tea has a sweet taste. The taste of apricots and almonds can be found in the pickle, and the aroma of sweet marzipan can appear in the empty glass. This tea is suitable for everyone, even an undemanding tea beginner, because the tea does not become bitter even after a long infusion and can withstand many pourings.

5-8g /100-250ml 95°C /30 sec.
This tea is often brewed.

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