2021 Mengku Banuo Yesheng Yabao


Yesheng Yabao means Wild tea bud. Why wild? Because it is harvested from wild arbor tea trees. In Yunnan province of China, the”wild” or yesheng is often referred to wild tea tree of the Camellia Taliensis species. You can read more about this species here: The origin of tea trees. Some consider these buds to be white tea due to the sun-dried processing, however, due to their quick oxidizing properties, I am considering it rather a green tea. Their appearance is green and purple and has no bitterness in taste, nor any fullness. It is special in its aroma and aftertaste. Its aroma is reminiscent of an elderflower or a linden flower. However, you should not think that you will fall asleep easier after drinking tea than with other teas. It also contains invigorating theine, and when you drink it later, you can shine like a headlamp at night.

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