Wuyi Zhengyan Yulin yao Qilan


Area: Wuyi Yulin yao; zhengshan – the inner region of the mountains
Translation: A beautiful orchid from the Wu-i Mountains
The Wu-yi Mountains are located in the northern part of Fujian Province, which lies on the coast of China opposite the island of Taiwan. This area of the Wu-yi Mountains is interesting mainly for its micro-climate, which is varied thanks to the protruding monolithic rocks, and partly due to the river flowing between them. These rocks are mostly of volcanic origin in the west and a red sandstone in the east. The quality of the soil as well as the micro-climate give hundreds of tea cultivars unique conditions for growth. Tea produced from the inner region of the Wu-yi Mountains is often exceptional and specific in sensory properties. The Yulin yao area is located on the western edge of the Inner Mountains and is named after the dragon kiln where pottery and porcelain was fired for the imperial court during the Ming Dynasty. The cultivar Qi-lan, which is grown in this area, contain a beautifil fragrance  and amongis thus known as a fragrant tea cultivar. This year, the tea was only processed in small quantities, so it was baked only once. This leaves the tea with its original, non-caramelized taste, which in the first infusion renders subtle nutty tones, but in subsequent infusions the fullness of orchids intoxicates many tongues. 
Brewing method: I recommend to use small gaiwan of 100-120ml and put 5 to 6g of tea when doing it only for you. When there are two people then I would recommend using 180ml gaiwan or teapot and 8g of tea. You can quickly rinse the tea with still boiling water, but don’t prolong the steeping as it would be a pitty. Then smell those leaves for a second and then steep it for short time – around 35 seconds. Next steeping can be even shorter, but not too short. When you like stronger taste, then prolong the steepings. Enjoy.

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