Fenghuang Dancong Yinghua xiang – The Scent of Silver flower (Duck shit)


Scent of silver flower (formerly The scent of Duck shit)

The main characteristic of oolong tea is its aroma, and Fénix Dancong is no exception. It is divided into ten main types of aromas: honey orchid, yellow gardenia, sesame, osmanthus, magnolia, cinnamon, almond, pomelo, night jasmine and ginger. The most unique of them is clearly the smell of duck excrement.

After drinking the first brew of “The scent of Duck shit” you will feel a unique floral scent spreading from the glass. After infusing, the “Duck Feet Fragrance” still lingers. It can withstand repeated infusions, no wonder the people of Chaoshan praise it as the “richest and longest-lasting aroma” of tea.

Many people wonder why such fragrant tea leaves have such a rude name? There are many versions of the origin of the “The scent of Duck shit”.

According to records, this tea belongs to the “popular varieties” or the so-called Mingcong 名丛 taken from the Wudong Mountains and planted in tea gardens in “duck excrement soil” (yellow soil). This shrub has dark blue tea leaves that look like Gangmu leaves (the scientific name for duck feet wood). Visitors who were enchanted after drinking this tea, appreciated its good smell and distinct taste, and wanted to know the name and what type of aroma it has. Fearing theft, farmers claimed it was the smell of duck excrement.

People some say that a long time ago a tea farmer went up a mountain to collect tea and happened to come across a dark looking tea tree. He processed its leaves and after pouring it, he found that the tea from it had a distinct aroma and taste. When he returned to the tea tree to investigate, he found that the tea leaves were black and green under the tea tree. There were several piles of duck droppings scattered around, so the tea tree got the name “The scent of Duck shit”.

Since its aroma is somewhat reminiscent of honeysuckle, this rude name was later renamed “Scent of Silver Flower”.

Method of preparation in Chaozhou: Dosage of tea: approx. 7-10 grams / 120ml / 85-95°C / 5-10 seconds
Method of preparation here: 5-8g / 120ml / 85-95°C / 10-15 seconds

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