2022 Yiwu zhengshan gushu / Xiaowei


Spring harvest from old trees (100+ years).
The small town of Yiwu, where Yiwu zhengshan gushu tea also comes from, is
located in the south of Yunnan province, near the border with Laos. We managed to discover this quality tea through a local hobby tea processor named Xiaowei. We were all satisfied with the taste of his tea and his fair dealings.The tea has an initial sweetness on the palate, without a trace of the inky bitterness that young shengs tend to have, with a gradually deepening distinct floral aftertaste, reminiscent of fragrant and wild jungle. We cannot describe the feeling after drinking this tea in any other way. The only condition is to use good water with a moderate mineral content for preparation, not demineralized, osmotic or excessively hard water. You can choose two variants: a 7g longzhu ball or a 100g cake.

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