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Duo Zhi Zhuni Yixing teapot from Lu Weiping

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This is a 掇只 Duo Zhi style Yixing teapot made from the original Yixing Dahongpao Zhuni clay by Mrs. Lu Weiping. Its volume is 190ml. I communicate straight with the producer.

Ms. Lu Weiping was born in Yixing, a famous ceramics city in China in 1971. Since her  young age she had a passion for purple clay art – Zisha. She grew up in a strong artistic atmosphere and received guidance from various masters of the Zisha teapots. Her innate aesthetic sense has helped her to achieve remarkable results. Her works are simple and elegant. She pays great attention to the combination of lines and shapes, the expression of spirit and qi, and its effective integration in art which generates her own unique and creative style. Ms. Lu is a skilled craftswoman in the world of Zisha art and receive a lot of attention among enthusiasts of high-end Yixing teapots.



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