Mengyuan Bingdao laoshu 2015


First sip of this tea in the Ji-huang-cheng 吉凰城 tearoom in Shenzhen makes me believe this tea is really, really good.
First I didn’t know what am I drinking untill teamaster Mr.Li Sheng-chang 李盛昌 show me the cover of this cake. I questioned him a lot about
the authenticity even though its bitter-sweet taste was remarkable. He claimed that it is from the bottom of a hill in the close vicinity of Bing-dao village and trees are around 120 years old, so not a “gu-shu”. Whether he is saying truth or not I can’t say, I only know that the taste is good. The price, however is not what you would pay for a real Bing-dao gu-shu pu-er tea even from a farmer straight from village, so please take it into consideration. Bing-dao village is located in the Lin-cang municipality near the Meng-ku town and it is considered to be one of the most expansive old tea trees pu-er producing areas.
Taste: Wet leaves of this tea after the first short rinse and the absorbtion of some air start smelling like a museum with oil paintings. This feeling is already familiar to me as it struck me already several times when I drank good aged sheng pu-er. C. Then the first infusion when pouring at least 95°C water over it has to be within 15 seconds, cause it releases the essence of the leaves very quickly. You can immediately feel the sweetness and the power of this tea which the latter in Chinese language is described as cha-qi ba-dao 茶气霸道  Before writing this article I haven’t been drinking any tea for three days, and yet I choose 70ml Yixing purple clay teapot with 5g of this tea. I suddenly felt strong waking effect on my body, like somebody would hit a gong above my head. When visiting Ji-huang-cheng tearoom Mr. Li Sheng-chang asked me whether I like the light or strong infusion. I said strong is ok for me, but I didn’t expect him to put 10g of tea into cca.110ml gaiwan. He then said that 7g is considered as a soft infusion. Consider for yourself. Please if you consider to buy this tea, take it primarily as a sample for study, it is worth it. Thanks for reading till the end.

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