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2023 Fengqing Luyunsi Jipin – Green misty threads


Chinese name: 绿云丝
Pinyin transcription: Fengqing Luyunsi Jipin
Free translation: Green misty fibers from Fengqing – the highest class Yunnan province is mainly known for Dianhong red tea and Puer tea, but first-class green teas are also produced here. This wonderful tea comes from the city of Fengqing, which is surrounded on all sides by mountains and beautiful tea plantations. It was collected in early spring and consists exclusively of the top buds of the Chinese tea tree – Camellia sinensis. I haven’t found out the specific cultivar so far, and that’s why I gave it the poetic name “Green misty threads”. The taste is reminiscent of tangerine, nectarine and slightly bitter lemon peel. It leaves a pleasant fresh aftertaste. The tea can also tolerate hot water, but it must be poured within 30 seconds.

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5-7g  | 100-250ml | 75-85°C | 20-30 sek.|

This tea is more of an infusion


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