Jingmai Gushu sheng 2013


When I was strolling the streets of the tea market in Lincang city in 2013, my peeking into tearooms was rather quiet. No words were necessary, no mood for another day of explaining who I am. My purpose was clear. To find a good tea. One tearoom was different from the others. No piles of uncovered tea or smoking seller. Tea was nicely packed in boxes and the seller was an older decent woman. She let me peek into boxes and 1 asked her only with a mimic to steep a sample. It was a fresh tea from the old trees of Jingmai. Full-bodied, the taste of peaches, quite sweet with a tiny bit of astringecy and a long aftertaste. Here it is. 200g cakes stored in humidity-controlled porcelain vessel since then.

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