2021 Mengku Huangtian gushu sheng


Meterial: the mix of tea leaves from old trees (Mengku Daye variety)
Mengku town, Huangtian terroir; Yunnan province

Weight: 100g

Meteriál: mix listov zo starých stromov z mesta Mengku, oblasť Huangtian; provincia Yunnan

Gramáž koláču: 100g

This tea comes from the family workshop of young sheng puer tea producer Sun Chenchen (in the picture). We found this family during our tea expedition in 2018 in Mengku town on our way to Baoshan city. This tea was produced in 2021 and we asked them to press these leaves into small cakes. In its taste, it is still very fresh with a pleasant deep aftertaste and an intensive energizing effect. When steeping in gongfu style (approx.7-8g/100-150ml) you can get at least five full infusions, after which its aroma slowly fades away reaching the 8th-9th steeping.   This is not a champion in its category, but an interesting companion during peaceful times.




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