Zhongguo Hong | The China’s red 2nd.grade


Chinese red | Zhongguo hong B
Area: Yunnan Province, China
Collection: 2021


In 2007, after more than ten years of research on tea varieties at the “Dianhong Tea Research Institute” in Fengqing, the production phase of a rare tea “cuveé” called “Chinese Red” – Zhongguo hong began
中国红. Every year, 6 types of cultivars are selected, from which the best leaves are subsequently selected. These cultivars include, for example, Qingshuihe, Meizhan, Huangdan, Ziquan, Sijichun. In China, this type of tea enters prestigious competitions every year, and its financial value is above the standard of ordinary tea lovers. Therefore, various tea families and factories in the city of Fengqing began to imitate it. This is also the case with this tea, which is an affordable equivalent of this famous “tea cuveé”. This particular one did not receive a medal, but even so, its scent evoking gardens of colorful roses and velvety taste will charm every tea lover.


1. Picture 3-7g /100-250ml
2. Figure 85°C
3. Picture 30sec. – 1 min.
4. Picture 3-5 pickles


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30g, 50g




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