Wuyi Yulinyao Qilan


Area: Wuyi Yulin yao 遇林窑; zhengshan – west ridge national park
Translation: A beautiful orchid from the Wuyi Mountains

The Wuyi Mountains are located in the northern part of the Fujian province, which lies on the coast of China opposite Taiwan.  Wuyi Mountains are interesting mainly for their microclimate, which is varied thanks to the protruding monolithic rocks, and also due to the river flowing between them. These rocks are composed of volcanic rocks in the west and red sandstone in the east. The quality of the soil as well as the microclimate gives hundreds of tea cultivars unique conditions for growth. Tea produced from the inner region of the Wuyi Mountains is often exceptional and specific in sensory-taste properties. The Yulinyao means The Kiln from the forest of encounter and it is located on the western edge of the inner mountains. This dragon kiln was very popular during the Ming dynasty when it produced dozens of thousands of porcelain ware withing one firing mostly for the imperial court. Nowadays it is a historic relict, but in the vicinity, we can find beautiful tea gardens with the tea cultivar Qilan 奇兰.  It is characterized by its wonderful aroma which outstands among other cultivars. That’s probably why they gave it the name “Beautiful orchid”. The tea was harvested in May, then ripened and roasted in August. Its producers really did not disappoint me, this tea fulfilled all my expectations. The beautiful fragrance is complemented by a full orchid taste. It is at least as good as its predecessor. I recommend steeping this tea with soft water.

8.3g tea/ 100-200ml / 95°C / 15-30 sec.
This tea can get many infusions.

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