Organic Tie-guan-yin / The Iron goddess of mercy


Harvest: autumn 2023
Hand picking and processing
High quality tea leaves / Te-ji 特级

Iron Goddess of Mercy Tie-guan-yin (铁观音) was one of the first teas that blew my mind, but finding such an organic tea with really good quality is a challenge.
This tea comes from an organic garden in the small village of Xiping in Fujian Province, China. To achieve the rich aroma in this tea, the leaves must be harvested in autumn when it is dry. Spring season tea has more nutrients and is therefore suitable for charcoal roasting, but its aroma is not as rich. In this autumn harvest, the scent of lilac flowers predominates, the taste is full of bittersweet. After drinking, you can feel the taste of chestnuts, and soft milk notes remain in the cup. The persistence of the pickle lasts in the mouth for several minutes.

Well, there’s another good tea to add to my collection.

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