Nanmei gushu danzhu 2021 – single tree


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On our expedition in 2018, we visited the well-known French puer expert – Olivier Schneider, in his tea warehouse in the south of Yunnan province (Jün-nan) in the city of Jinghong (Jingchung) 景洪. Originally, we were supposed to taste one or two teas and catch the bus to Menghai (Meng-haj), but Olivier made us a cross-section of puers from the young “shengs” to the 80s, so we spent more than five hours there. We were particularly interested in the cake from Nanmei 南美, which we all bought from him. Since we had a way north to Baoshan city area, we decided to visit this mysterious place. However, getting here is not easy at all. And we even took a detour through a pottery village with a dragon kiln, which I later coincidentally found in a tea book about the Lincang area. “Tao”. The head of the motel by the highway took us to Nanmei, and he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. The road was long and winding. If I had taken a better look at the map, I would have found out that from Mengku 勐库 there is a road to Nanmei via Bingdao 冰岛 (in direct translation from “South America” ​​via “Iceland”) – one of the most popular puer destinations with astronomical prices for tea. However, we did not stop in the city of Mengku and visited a family with a tea garden in the village of Mengzhun 勐徆村, from where we had already traveled to Nanmei. On the way here, we discovered the inscription “Garden of old tea plants” by Mr. Li Fudong. His family prepared a tasting of their teas for us and also allowed us to try the processing of tea from fresh leaves. This dragon pearl – a longzhu from an old tree – also comes from this family.

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