The Water fairy / Gaocong Shuixian

Chinese name:  高枞水仙

The tea cultivar Shuixian is translated as “Water fairy”. It is one of the oldest and most popular tea cultivars in Fujian province.  This tea comes from the 吴三地  Wusandi high mountain at an altitude of 800-1000m. The Chinese expression 高枞 gaocong means “high bush/tree” and at the same time, it describes the middle age of trees. This one comes from above 30 years old tea trees. The first impression is a smoky scent. It is because traditionally this cultivar is used to be baked on charcoal and therefore in the beginning it can have a roasty flavor. However, the woody fragrance which is typical for Shuixian comes right away and lasts with a constant decent flavor. It is very pleasant from the beginning to the end of brewing.

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