2022 Wuyi Wusandi Gaocong Shuixian / The Water fairy from Wusandi


Chinese name:  高枞水仙

The tea cultivar Shuixian literally means “Water fairy”.  It is one of the oldest and most popular tea cultivars in Fujian province usually harvested in and around Wuyi mountains.  This Water fairy originates in  Wusandi 吴三地 whose altitude is around 1000m. The Chinese expression 高枞 gaocong means “high bush/tree” and thus represents the mid-age of trees. This one comes from above 30 years old tea trees. It is quite well baked and you need to use slightly mineralized water with Mangane, to get good results. If you use osmotic water you can get only charcoal feeling without the body of the leaves. If you prefer to rinse this tea I advise you to do it quickly or not at all. The woody fragrance which is typical for Shuixian comes right after the first infusion and lasts many infusions with a constant decent flavor. It is very pleasant from the beginning to the end of brewing and you can get up to 8 to 10 steepings when using 8g of tea.


  3-8g /100-250ml / 95°C /30+; 20 sek


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