2024 Dragon well Pre-Guyu Longjing B


Dragon Well is one of the most popular green teas in the world. It is named after the village Longjing (Lung-ching), which is located by the West Lake Xihu (Si-chu) near the city of Hangzhou (Chang-zhou). That is only a few hundred kilometers from the city of Shanghai (Shanghai). Dračia studňa tea is traditionally processed by roasting tea leaves in pans throughout the day until they are completely secured. The tea that came to us can be classified among the middle class of the collection. There are no known processing errors. Pre-Guyu means harvesting before the holiday called “Rye Rain”, which is usually around April 22. This tea doesn’t looks that good, but its is very good. From the look you can see that it was overroasted, which give its a nutty taste. It is a good bargain Dragon well.
I recommend to use preparation procedure according to these pictures:

1.  6-7g /150-250ml
2. 70-85°C
3. 15-30 seconds
4. Pour the tea and drink         

 This tea can be steeped many times

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