2021 Mengding maojian AAA

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Sichuan province in China has still many places hard to reach for western people. Or at least it seemed to me in the early spring of 2013 when I and my friend Eduard Šebo undergone a tea expedition for the search of the “Sweet dew of Mengding“. That is the most tender green tea harvested before the festival of Qingming. As we wander further into the mountains of Ya’an, a splendid view of the ecologic tea plantations has comforted our eyes. Tea from here is sprouting already in February. It has no famous name as “Sweet dew”, so it is addressed according to its harvest time, location and type of tea leaf. Mingqian refers to the time before the festival of Qingming, the location is called Mengding and Maojian is referring to the harvest of the highest tea buds. The attribute Shengtai means that the plantation is ecological. This tea is always difficult to get as the production is limited only to pre-orders. Every time I got the sample, the tea was gone. But not this time! Today I have opened the first tea bag and those tiny fresh tea buds smell of crashed white poppy seeds with a hint of cashew nut cream. Oh, the bliss! When immersed in water the tea has immediately changed into very flowery, grassy and pea fragrances. I have used only 3g of tea for 100ml of water and the liqueur was firstly very sweet and subtle. Its ample body showed up already in the second steeping and last till the sixth steeping. Tomorrow morning I will try more grams. Are there any thirsty gaiwans here? If yes, then please follow my website below. There is also a few kg left in China for shipping worldwide. For detailed information please write me a PM. May tea be with you!

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