2022 Mingqian Sichuan maofeng Jipin


This is one of the best green tea you can find on this site. It consists of spring top tea buds which are rolled into little spirals picked before the festival Qingming. It is resembling Biluochun from Taihu lake, however, it is produced in the Sichuan province of China in the small village Gongba. Its plantations are situated in mountain areas among trees and yellow flags to attract insects are used instead of a spray of pesticides. The history of Sichuan green tea can be traced back to the Tang dynasty and it is often claimed to have medicinal usage. It is definitely an invigorating beverage with the smell of mango in dry leaves and the taste of boiled chestnuts. It is a tea for daily drinking.


5-6g tea / 100-250ml /  75°C / 30-40 sec.         This tea can be steeped many times
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